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Harkány Mega Camp 2024

We're delighted to announce our first mega camp in Harkány in the summer of 2024. Harkány is beautiful scenic town in the south of Hungary famous for its thermal baths and spa. The camp will be held from the 26th of July until 2nd of August, we expect a large number of players from all around the world! There is also an International veterans tournament being held right after the training camp at the same location.

26th July - 2nd August, 2024

Harkány, Hungary

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All Standards

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All Ages

The lead coaches as below are in charge of the training schedule and sessions. Together with their large team of coaches and practice partners they will deliver intense quality training with a high proportion of 1v1 time with coaches and a strong focus throughout the camp on technique.

We offer two daily airport transfer services from Budapest airport on the day or arrival (26th July) and departure (2nd August) we can also provide private airport transfers, or of course feel free to make your own way to Harkány. 

Accommodation can be provided at our partner hotel ''Hotel Harka" which is a short 5-10 minute walk from the hall,  We also have several partnerships with apartments in the area, so contact us here for a quote for an apartment. As always you may also organise your own accommodation if you wish. If you have any other accommodation or special requests then feel free to contact us.

We also provide meals together as a group at a local restaurant (Hellas Étterem) which is a few minutes walk from the hotel and a 10 minute walk away from the training hall. 

Together along with the training schedule we offer the option of joining us together for team programs (€95 extra cost) ideal for team building and to make the most out of your holiday, these programs include: Quiz night, Harkány thermal bath/spa/waterpark, Poker evening, Trip and banquet at Villany Wine Cellars.

Harkany International

The popular Harkany International Veteran Tournament will be held directly after the training camp at the same venue. The tournament will be held from Friday 2nd until Sunday the 4th of August. 


The tournament consists of 40+, 50+, 60+ t will be held directly after the training camp at the same venue. The tournament will be held from Friday 2nd until Sunday the 4th of August. 

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The exact price of the camp depends on the exact options you require and request. You may organise your own accommodation and meals if you wish, there is also the option to join in with the team programs, airport transfers and extra private lessons. For exact prices please check the booking form.

Camp Location

Municipal Sports Office

Petőfi Sándor u. 42




Book your place

If you have any questions regarding the camp or want to book yourself in on the camp, please contact us by filling out the form below and a member of our team will get back to you shortly.

Harkány Mega Summer Camp 2024 form

Accommodation options
Airport Transfer

Thanks for filling out the form, we will get back to you shortly!

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