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Improve Your Skills

Expert Coaching  

Gain world class table tennis coaching from experienced coaches who specialise in fine-tuning your technique.

Skill Acceleration     

table tennis training camp accelerates your progress, helping you achieve more in a shorter span of time.

Personal Attention    

Benefit from personalised guidance and attention, ensuring your specific weaknesses are addressed effectively.

Professional Preperation

Competitive Environment  

Immerse yourself in a competitive atmosphere with fellow players, inspiring you to push your boundaries.

Participate in a range of training routines, including multiball sessions to help develop a wide range of skills.

Diverse Training     

Experience table tennis training methods, proven to enhance your performance on the table.

Proven Methodologies

Engage with players from diverse backgrounds, gaining insights and approaches from different playing styles.

International Exposure    

The Experience

Personal Growth  

An intensive camp promotes personal growth, discipline, and perseverance, skills that extend beyond the table.

Lasting Experience     

Return home with a collection of new skills, knowledge and experiences that will stay with you throughout your career.

Connect with players from around the world, expanding your network within the table tennis community.


Embark on an adventure, combining your passion for table tennis with exploring a new country and culture.

Unforgetable Adventure    

Table Tennis Tables and Balls by TTCampsHungary


With over 15 years experience, we have successfully ran hundreds of camps ranging from raw beginners to national teams preparation camps. 


Our full time academy is situated in the vibrant city of Eger, Hungary where we cater for players of all levels, all year round.

We also run several other summer camps at different locations outside of Eger as well as international training camps tailored for various ages and specific levels.

Excitingly, we offer a unique service that's gained popularity in recent years – the 'We come to you' initiative. Where our experienced coaches can bring their expertise to your doorstep, organising personalised training sessions and camps at your convenience. 


Interested in a Camp? Got Questions?  

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Table tennis coaching by TTCampsHungary
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