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Picture of Eger Academy Table Tennis Hall

Eger Academy

Our full time academy is open all year round with training camps every week of the year where we welcome players and groups of all ages and levels.

Eger Academy serves as our all year-round hub for training camps. We conduct our sessions at 'Egri Asztalitenisz Klub,' a dedicated professional table tennis club. With both Men's and Women's teams in the top division, alongside several teams in lower divisions. Throughout the year, we welcome a diverse range of guests, from beginners, amateurs, club members, and professionals/national team members, all seeking to benefit from our skilled coaches and intensive training. The training hall accommodates 14 tables with a green taraflex floor and optimal lighting, providing an ideal environment for your development.

Our training camps redefine personalisation, ensuring ample individual 1v1 time with coaches—which is what sets us apart from other training camps. Designed to benefit players of all skill levels and ages, our camps cater to those striving to elevate every aspect of their game. Our coaching team and sparring partners are here to provide the perfect support to create intensive training that's tailored to your needs. 

Eger Academy hosts weekly training camps all year-round, featuring two sessions every Monday through Friday, an additional morning session on Saturday, and a designated day of rest on Sundays. Our training sessions are from 10:00 AM to 12:15 PM and from 5:00 PM to 7:15 PM. Sessions include a range of topics, including multiball, footwork drills, refining technique and strategies, focused serving practice, and match play.

The morning sessions primarily center around technique using multi ball exercises, where the coach-to-player ratio is capped at three-to-one, ensuring focused attention. The Head Coach is Balázs Pálosi, along with the rest of our coaching team and sparring partners who are committed to aiding you in achieving your goals, no matter what they may be.

The hall
Training in action
Oxford University Tennis Team
The hall from outside
Multiball corner
Club from the UK
The hall way
The hall
Selfie with Sharp Shot Club from Malta
The hall

Eger Academy / TTCampsHungary
Bem tábornok tér 3

Can't recommend Eger enough! Come every year with my son, been to many camps over Europe but found Eger gives the most valuable 1v1 time with coaches. Very cute city to be in during the camp as well!

Uwe Schmidt

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