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Eger Academy

Eger Academy is our full time base where we have camps and training all throughout the year. Training is held in Eger at 'EVSI Palósi AK' which is a professional full time table tennis club. They have Men's and Women's teams in the top division as well as many more teams in lower divisions. Many professional players, clubs, amateurs and beginners visit us throughout the year. The hall holds 14 tables and has recently been refurbished with top of the range lighting and brand new professional table tennis taraflex flooring.

Our training camps are very personalised ensuring plenty of individual time with coaches. Perfect for players of all standards and ages who want to improve all aspects of their game, under the supervision of quality coaches and help from professional sparring partners. We also offer guests the oppurtunity for a table tennis assessment whilst they are here with us in Eger.

The 'Legendary' multi ball corner

We have training camps every week of the year at this location with two professionally coached sessions on Monday to Friday, 1 session on Saturday and a rest day on Sundays. Sessions run from 10am to 12.15pm and from 5pm to 8pm. Sessions include multi ball, footwork exercises, technique and tactics, serving practice and fitness. The morning session is usually multi ball orientated with a ratio of 2 players to one coach. The head coach is Balázs Pálosi with his team of coaches along side professional sparring partners and other players specially selected to help with your own personal development.

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